Lingkar Sosial Indonesia in Workshop of Composing Indicator and National Planning Action of Human Right for People with Disability


Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice (AIPJ2) with network of people with disability organize a workshop of composing indicator and national planning action of human right for people with disability. The activity do during 3 days, March, 26-28 2019 in Grand Mercure and Ibis Adi Sucipto Hotel, Laksda Adi Sucipto Street, number 80, Yogyakarta.

“Composing indicator and national planning action of human right is important as measuring rod and implementation direction fulfillment, protection, and respecting right of people with disability,” said the leader of Lingkar Sosial Indonesia (LINKSOS), Kertaning Tyas, one of workshop participant. Lingkar Sosial Indonesia in this workshop give many input about improvement service to children with disability and right fulfillment for all kinds of disability including in this thing is people which suffer leprosy.

“Improvement service for disability are very important, because from here is start of better future for disability and advance age,” said Ken Kerta, his familiar greeting. Starting from the basic thing are therapy service, immunization, and medicines.

Until now the health service for children with disabilities from the government are considered to be insufficient for their needs. For immunization of children with celebral palsy, autism, and down syndrom for example there are only a few that can be accessed for free the rest is responsibility of parents.

While the cost of immunization and drug therapy aren’t cheap and not all disabled parents can afford it. The impact, of this is that children with disabilities from underprivileged parents can’t access health service in full, so that in the context of fulling their health right are neglected. The wider impact certainly affects healts, mobility, as well as the independence of the child so that when an adult has the potential to become a burden on his family and environment.

Still in health sector, Linksos also observes to physical, mental, and intelectual disability. In general they need facilities and infrastructure as well as service so that they can’t access health service independently. For example special offers to assist with disabilities with mobility barries and the avaibility of sign language interpreters.

Ken Kerta also observed discrimination that occured in mental health service and people affected by leprosy. “Stigma and discrimination in the form of exile, confinement, and income experienced by people affected by leprosy,” said Ken Kerta. The ideal is that all health service are guaranteed by the state or obtain convention rights based on Republic of Indonesia law number 8 of 2016.

Composing indicator and national planning action of human right do on participation based on into disability organization network from various province which attend. Output from this activity are for composed indicator and monitoring tools about realization human right which used by disability organization in do monitoring and composed report status of human right for disability.

This workshop attended by disability organization network, there are, SIGAB Indonesia, Perhimpunan Jiwa Sehat, PERDIK Sulawesi Selatan, OHANA, HWDI, Gerkatin, LBH Disabilitas, BILIC, CIQAL, PERSANI NTT, PPUA, PBRM Solo, PURKADIN, Solider, PSHK, YAKKUM, AUDISI, Lingkar Sosial Malang, LPA NTB, and others.

Translated by Cakrahayu Arnavaning Gusti from original article: Lingkar Sosial Indonesia dalam Lokakarya Penyusunan Indikator dan Rencana Aksi Nasional HAM bagi Penyandang Disabilitas

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